Hiroshima Quest   清盛 広島県



How about arranging trip in your style? "Hiroshima Quest" is the perfect app for you.It is a smartphone app that offers you various tourist information of Hiroshima.
"Hiroshima Quest" enables travelers to plan enjoyable trip by bookmarking information of tourist sites, writing review and communicating with other users.
It is useful for all people who are just about to travel and also for those who want to visit Hiroshima in the near future.
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Let's explore Hiroshima!
Depending on your request, you can search any information which interests you. The operation is very simple!
Follow the guidance and choose the category.
Search for Sightseeing spots
You can search for sightseeing spots and your destination. You can also search by the distance from your current location or keywords.
Search by Activity
You can find how to enjoy Hiroshima by categories. From strolling around Miyajima in kimono, hot springs, cycling, streetcar, to factory tour, you will find the activity which you want to try.
Useful function

You can bookmark sites and information as your own guidebook. There are also lists of useful travel information and hazard map for an emergency.

Favorite spots
You can bookmark the travel information searched by "Hiroshima Quest" and make your own list.
It is easy to register, add, and delete by fingertip operation. Don't miss to use it before traveling.
Your own list will be good to keep as a memory of trip.
Make full use of convenient GPS function!
You can search information from current location and the route to your destination.
To download iPhone app
1. Search by Categories in AppStore
AppStore → Categories → Travel → Top Free → Hiroshima QUEST
2. Search by Keywords in AppStore
AppStore → Search → Search by "Hiroshima QUEST"
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To download app in Android
1.Search by Categories in AndroidMarket
AndroidMarket → Categories → Travel → Top Free → Hiroshima QUEST
2.Search by "Hiroshima QUEST" from AndroidMarket
AndroidMarket → Search → Search by "Hiroshima QUEST"
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